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We work to ensure full inclusion

We generate change

Entrepreneurship and job placement

We help promote employability

One of our goals is to promote good opportunities for the people who need it most. With access to the right resources, people can feel empowered thanks to their own abilities.


Contact our team today and learn more about our work in job placement and entrepreneurship.

New Citizenship, Youth, Women and Human Rights

We care about the future

We do not lose focus on the mission of our organization, and that is why we strive to find new strategies to meet this challenge. We believe that working on transcendental issues today will allow us to have a more cohesive and inclusive society tomorrow. Our team works daily for this purpose and to generate a positive impact.

Dissemination, cultural diversity and coexistence

We strengthen our commitment

At the Ibn Battuta Foundation we are dedicated to promote these actions and find solutions through culture in a two-way process. We always strive to highlight these differences as elevating, so we invite you to collaborate and participate with us for the full inclusion of the cultural diversity that enriches our society.

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