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Exclusionary narratives emerging in Europe are being introduced into educational settings and contexts negatively affecting students from religious and ethnic minority groups. "REBELAH - Religion, Beliefs and Secularism in Cultural Heritage to Promote Social Inclusion in Adult Education" is a project in which we consider cultural heritage to be an essential tool for recovering Europe's plural past and ensuring thus safe learning spaces for both students and trainers. REBELAH is a two-year Erasmus + project in which 6 organizations collaborate in 4 different countries: France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Spain. The participating organizations are Storytelling Center, University of Groningen, Kepes, Elan Interculturel, La Xixa Teatre and Ibn Battuta Foundation. Our goals are:

  • Encourage inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination, especially with regard to religious minorities.

  • To promote the social and educational value of the European cultural heritage and its potential to generate interreligious coexistence.

  • Develop the skills of adult trainers to encourage inclusion through their teaching practice, especially in multicultural learning contexts.

Partners provide their proven methods of experience to foster inclusive learning environments: critical incident methodology, forum theater, process work, storytelling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and metacognitive therapy. These methods are useful for developing the skills of the trainer and the student on how to comprehensively address conflicts, discriminatory behaviors, and cultural clashes. We will take these methodologies incorporated into the field of critical heritage studies, to generate an innovative approach for inclusive adult learning environments, particularly for minority students. Through this methodology we want to create a series of materials for trainers that contribute to our goal.

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