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The Management Team defines and participates in the Quality Policy of the IBN BATTUTA FOUNDATION, an entity dedicated to provide social, cultural, educational and employment support for people from cultural diversity groups and backgrounds. The Management Team of the IBN BATTUTA FOUNDATION focuses on the Quality System as a way of organizing its activity, basing it on basic pillars such as the quality of its services and its processes, the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System and the users' satisfaction. For this reason, the Management Team defines the Quality Management System as a strategic and priority objective, in order to remain at the forefront of the provision of services financed by public administrations and other private entities and to execute projects by offering:

•    Provide social, cultural, educational and employment support to migrants, with special reference to those of Moroccan origin.

•    Promote diverse young people and women in the European society, especially in the cultural, educational, sports and employment spheres, avoiding discrimination and racism for a full inclusive and real citizenship.
•    Facilitate understanding and culture through mutual knowledge, respect, interaction, participation and coexistence.
•    Promote the relationship with Morocco and the Arab countries through cooperation projects on employment, training, and others, as well as through cultural and educational activities and trips that enhance the figure of the traveler Ibn Battuta.

The organization focuses on migrants, establishing their current and future needs trying to meet their requirements, both legal and regulatory, and striving to meet their expectations, advising people at all times on resources and opportunities available to them to improve their inclusion in society.


The leadership and guidance of the Management Team of the Foundation aim to create and maintain an internal environment in which staff are fully involved in achieving these purposes.


The participation of staff at all levels and their involvement allows the Foundation to grow. The systematic definition of every activity establishing clear responsibilities and obligations allows the Foundation to obtain coherent and predictable results.




To identify, understand and manage interrelated processes as a system that contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Ibn Battuta Foundation in achieving our goals.


Compliance with legal requirements and any other requirements subscribed by the organization.


The continuous improvement of all of the processes supposes a permanent purpose, in which all the members of the organization are involved. For this reason you will be provided with the necessary training to achieve it.


To make decisions and take action based on the objective analysis of data and information, in balance with our experience and intuition.


Maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and collaborators will be a goal, thus increasing the ability of both to create value.

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