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Press Releases

The Foundation condemns the serious episode of hatred that took place in Jaén

Barcelona and Madrid on 15 November 2018

Last Tuesday, a group of people who had previously been left to commit the crime, rebuked three people for shouting "out Moors" and providing a serious beating by unjustifiably blaming one of the victims for having committed a robbery.

We condemn this racist and xenophobic attack, we condemn every hate crime.

We cannot allow a violent minority to be heard above a diverse and peaceful society, we must continue to build bridges of coexistence, rescuing good practices of community work and building interculturality, which in recent decades have allowed Spain unlike other European countries has not significantly proliferated far-right or "neo-Nazi" movements with violent speeches. We must continue to create social initiatives and meeting spaces, where our young people learn to enjoy diversity by sharing it and experiencing its richness. We must continue to work to identify and delegitimize these hate speeches, which they never construct.

This is the work of all citizens.

I beg you for maximum dissemination.

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