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Greetings from the President

After the great work we have done for 25 years and recognized, locally, nationally and in Europe, in the reception, care and guidance of thousands of people from immigration, mainly from Morocco and different countries of Muslim religion . We believe that the time has come to work for the citizens in a real and effective way, no longer considering citizens who have been with us for years to be immigrants, both first-generation and children born here or arrived from a very young age. . This requires the involvement of all institutions, groups and civil society, as this largely depends on coexistence and social cohesion in our neighborhoods and cities.

Among us reside, not immigrants, but citizens with rights and duties, in equal opportunities. Therefore, our work as a foundation will be aimed, above all, at young people, children of parents from immigration, so that they can enjoy the recognition of full active and real citizenship in education, employment, culture, economy and politics.

The growing Islamophobia and the growth of racist and xenophobic political parties in Europe forces us to be concerned and alert, because in a democratic society groups or people who encourage hatred and discrimination against the other are unacceptable.

On the other hand, for a young person of Muslim origin born among us to consider that it is better to get involved in violence and die than to develop a life in Europe, is a clear demonstration of the failure of our societies with these young people. In the daily work with them it is necessary to take into account the international and local context so that they feel European Muslims and have a sense of losing possession in the space in which they live.

The interrelationship between Muslims and non-Muslims is a priority of our entity, as it is a clearly pending subject in our neighborhoods.

We have all those people who want to join us in this difficult but exciting task, which continued to be very present, as poverty, lack of opportunities, climate change and other factors have continued to push immigration out. of their countries of origin and to risk their lives, if necessary, to achieve a better future.

Diversity is a unique strength and an essential component of our social health.

Living and living together: the goal.

Mohammed Chaib

President of the Ibn Battuta Foundation

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